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Our Story - Giddy Hour

Giddy Nibbles is run by two friends with a boundless appetite for a nibble and a natter. We're huge fans of the ‘giddy hour’, when you get to enjoy something delicious with a glass of wine and - even better - a group of friends. We always have Giddy Nibbles rolls in our fridge and freezers, ready to slice and bake for a very superior instant treat. Our gourmet biscuits are also fantastic partners to a lunchtime bowl of soup, summer salad or back-from-school snack. Slice from the fridge then bake to golden in minutes. No preservatives or other nasties needed; just all-natural crunchy and melting goodness!

Follow us and find your own giddy hour @GiddyNibbles. 


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We are passionate about sourcing the finest ingredients, and scour the globe for fragrant herbs and spices. All our cheese, butter and flour is produced in the UK, much of it in Hampshire, the home of Giddy Nibbles. The resulting 100% natural treats are prepared by hand, wrapped and ready to slice and pop in the oven. 

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Your Giddy Nibbles can be sliced straight from the fridge (wait around 10 minutes or so if using from the freezer). Then simply bake for around 14 minutes to be rewarded with golden gourmet treats. Our extensive research has shown that this is just enough time to find a glass and open a bottle of wine...

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