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Giddy Nibbles at the Macknade Food Hall Faversham

Another first for the Giddy girls! We haven't been able to offer tasting sessions before because of lockdowns, but we're now able to get out and about. On Saturday we were invited to Macknade in Kent. This six-generation family business has been going strong since 1847, and in 1979 the Macknade Farm Shop, which later became the Faversham Food Hall, opened. It's a 10,000sqft food hall/deli/butcher/café/kitchen (truly, it's huge and amazing) and Giddy Nibbles took over a little corner to meet customers and offer tasters.

It was a lot of fun to chat to so many dedicated foodies, not least because we were able to talk about our favourite subject, Giddy Nibbles! Watching customers sample our bake-at-home cheese biscuit warm from the Macknade oven was really affirming - you could smell as well as taste the Giddy Nibbles, and everyone had their favourite flavours or ideas of ways to serve them.

Come and find us at Macknade Food Hall Faversham. We have been invited to return, so will keep you posted on dates. In the meantime you can find the Giddy Nibbles in the fridge alongside some very delicious cheese and butter (you can see why we're keen to return!).

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