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Giddy Nibbling - Monthly, Money-Saving Subscription

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Need a good gift? For yourself, or for a giddy nibbler?

Try our subscription - £15.95, incl. delivery

Give the gift of Giddy Nibbling! Also known as never running out of artisan cheese biscuits to stash in your fridge or freezer ready to slice and bake. Every month four Giddy Nibbles bake-at-home biscuit flavours are delivered to a door of your choosing, plus a taster bag of ready-baked Giddy Nibbles, plus a hand-written message*. Delivery is included and to make this a really special present, each month subscribers also receive a limited edition subscriber-only Giddy Nibbles flavour. This might not sound like a big deal until you're the one whipping the Wild Garlic & Glastonbury Twanger Giddy Nibbles in front of your guests. Yup, entertaining at home does look like it will be a thing again.

Oh happy day! This is what you get every month for £15.95, including delivery

The Giddy Nibbles subscription (here's the link) is a great way of ensuring you never run out of your favourite bake-at-home treat, and makes a fantastic present for a fan of superior savoury snacks.

Not a big deal? Wait till you're the one whipping the Wild Garlic & Glastonbury Twanger Giddy Nibbles in front of guests!


Every month you'll receive:

Three original Giddy Nibbles 120g rolls (that's 16 or so biscuits per roll) - Old Winchester & Oregano, Harissa & Chilli, Cheddar & Fennel

One subscriber-only seasonal special Giddy Nibbles flavour, 120g (also 16 or so biscuits)

Free delivery

Hand-written message (make it as cheesy as you like!) for gift subscriptions*


Lyburn's Old Winchester & Oregano crosses an award-winning gouda-meets cheddar cheese with lemony oregano. Harissa & Chilli is just hot enough, delivering a little burst of heat that partners beautifully with a beer or a bowl of soup. Cheddar & Fennel has a hint of sweetness and is dreamy with a drink, or in a bowl to snack on while enjoying a Netflix session. The special subscriber-only seasonal roll's ingredients will include something foraged locally or chosen to celebrate a particular holiday or new artisan cheese discovery.

*The label pictured was written by co-founder Amanda. Tracy has better handwriting and will write all gift labels. :)

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