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Giddy Nibbles Bake-at-Home Cheesiness!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

You know the smell of fresh baking? A warm and fragrant kitchen, and the promise of treats to come. That's the premise behind Giddy Nibbles. Our pastry rolls are created with artisan British cheese, butter, flour and just the right sprinkling of herbs and spices. They're all-natural with no preservatives or anything else you might need to prolong the shelf life - simply keep in the fridge until you're ready to bake, or pop in the freezer.

Nearly ready to bake (12 minutes at 180c!)

Giddy Nibbles are for those who like a savoury treat. You get the satisfaction of home-baking with the ease of opening a packet of crisps. It's pretty much that easy. Unroll the artisan cheese pastry roll, slice it onto the greaseproof paper it's wrapped in, and slide into a pre-warmed oven. We find 12 minutes or so is just enough time to give the kitchen a little tidy and pour a glass of wine or heat up some lunchtime soup. Then it's giddy hour - our term for the little bit of me-time that Giddy Nibbles guarantee.

Giddy Hour, gin cocktail style :)

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